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Latest Vacancies

Job TitleCategorySalaryPostedClose DateApplyFavourites
Home Tutor (Supply)Education & Children£24,906* - £40,490* Pro-rata1/20Apply for Home Tutor (Supply)
Catering Assistant - Ysgol y BedolEducation & Children£17,364* - £17,711* +4% *Pro-rata1/201/30Apply for Catering Assistant - Ysgol y Bedol
Data OfficerEducation & Children£21,589 - £25,2951/201/31Apply for Data Officer
Assistant Pensions OfficerCorporate Services£18,795 - £19,5541/202/2Apply for Assistant Pensions Officer
Senior PractitionerEducation & Children£34,788 - £38,8131/202/2Apply for Senior Practitioner
Carbon Reduction OfficerChief Executives£34,788 - £38,8131/202/3Apply for Carbon Reduction Officer
Approved Mental Health ProfessionalCommunities£31,371* - £34,788* pro rata1/201/31Apply for Approved Mental Health Professional
Responsive Maintenance Housing InspectorEnvironment£27,905 - £32,0291/202/2Apply for Responsive Maintenance Housing Inspector
Assistant Team ManagerCommunities£38,813 - £42,6831/202/2Apply for Assistant Team Manager
Business Support AssistantEducation & Children£18,065 - £18,7951/201/31Apply for Business Support Assistant
Social WorkerCommunities£31,371 - £34,7881/202/14Apply for Social Worker
Social WorkerEducation & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/202/3Apply for Social Worker
Administrative Assistant - Awel Tywi Care Home***REDEPLOYMENT***£18,065* - £18,795* Pro-rata1/171/26Apply for Administrative Assistant - Awel Tywi Care Home
Unit Co-ordinator***REDEPLOYMENT***£18,795 - £19,5541/171/26Apply for Unit Co-ordinator
Foundation Phase Teacher - Ysgol LlannonPrimary Schools£24,906 - £40,4901/162/7Apply for Foundation Phase Teacher - Ysgol Llannon
Teacher (Key Stage 2) - Ysgol BlaenauPrimary Schools£24,906 - £40,4901/151/31Apply for Teacher (Key Stage 2) - Ysgol Blaenau
Deputy Headteacher - Ysgol Bro BanwPrimary Schools£55,202 - £60,8951/152/7Apply for Deputy Headteacher - Ysgol Bro Banw
Flying Start Data Entry AdministratorEducation & Children£18,065 - £18,7951/151/29Apply for Flying Start Data Entry Administrator
Customer Service OfficerChief Executives£19,554 - £22,4621/151/27Apply for Customer Service Officer
Cam Nesa Data OfficerEducation & Children£19,554* - £22,462* *pro rata1/151/23Apply for Cam Nesa Data Officer
Social WorkerEducation & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/151/26Apply for Social Worker
Social WorkerCommunities£31,371* - £34,788* *Pro-rata1/141/28Apply for Social Worker
Teacher - Llanllwni Primary SchoolPrimary Schools£24,906 - £40,4901/131/29Apply for Teacher - Llanllwni Primary School
Regional ALN Transformation LeadEducation & Children£79,066 - £82,578 + up to 3 SPA1/101/31Apply for Regional ALN Transformation Lead
Cleaner - Pontyates SchoolEnvironment£17,364* - £17,711* +4% *Pro-rata1/101/27Apply for Cleaner - Pontyates School
Cleaner - Talley SchoolEnvironment£17,364* - £17,711* +4% *Pro-rata1/101/24Apply for Cleaner - Talley School
Lunchtime Supervisor - Ysgol ParcyrhunPrimary Schools£17,364* - £17,711* +4% *Pro-rata1/91/24Apply for Lunchtime Supervisor - Ysgol Parcyrhun
Cleaner - Emlyn Comprehensive SchoolEnvironment£17,364* - £17,711* +4% *Pro-rata1/91/24Apply for Cleaner - Emlyn Comprehensive School
Casual Instructor - Pendine Outdoor Education CentreCommunities£24,799* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata1/91/23Apply for Casual Instructor - Pendine Outdoor Education Centre
Clerical Assistant - Ysgol ParcyrhunPrimary Schools£18,065* - £18,795* + 4% *Pro-rata1/91/24Apply for Clerical Assistant - Ysgol Parcyrhun
Care Management AssistantCommunities£21,589 - £25,2951/91/23Apply for Care Management Assistant
Traffic & Road Safety ManagerEnvironment£42,683 - £46,5141/91/27Apply for Traffic & Road Safety Manager
Social WorkerEducation & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/81/31Apply for Social Worker
Country Parks RangerCommunities£24,799 - £28,785 + 8%1/81/20Apply for Country Parks Ranger
Financial InvestigatorCommunities£31,371 - £34,7881/81/22Apply for Financial Investigator
Teacher - Ysgol Gymraeg GwenllianPrimary Schools£24,906 - £40,4901/81/20Apply for Teacher - Ysgol Gymraeg Gwenllian
Teacher - Ysgol Mynydd-y-GarregPrimary Schools£24,906 - £40,4901/81/20Apply for Teacher - Ysgol Mynydd-y-Garreg
Delta Wellbeing AdvisorDelta Wellbeing£19,554 - £22,4621/81/24Apply for Delta Wellbeing Advisor
Social Worker x 2Education & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/71/31Apply for Social Worker x 2
Social Worker - AdoptionEducation & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/71/31Apply for Social Worker - Adoption
Social Worker x 2Education & Children£31,371 - £34,7881/71/31Apply for Social Worker x 2
Casual Lunchtime Supervisor - Saron SchoolPrimary Schools£17,364* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata1/71/21Apply for Casual Lunchtime Supervisor - Saron School
Technology Enabled Care OfficerDelta Wellbeing£21,589 - £25,2951/71/23Apply for Technology Enabled Care Officer
Temporary/Casual Breakfast Assistant (Schools)Education & Children£17,364* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata1/71/31Apply for Temporary/Casual Breakfast Assistant (Schools)
Temporary/Casual Breakfast Supervisor (Schools)Education & Children£17,364* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata1/71/31Apply for Temporary/Casual Breakfast Supervisor (Schools)
Temporary/Casual Catering Assistant (Schools)Education & Children£17,364* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata1/71/31Apply for Temporary/Casual Catering Assistant (Schools)
Domiciliary Support WorkerCommunities£18,795* - £19,554* + 8% *Pro-rata1/61/31Apply for Domiciliary Support Worker
Schools MIS OfficerEducation & Children£21,589 - £25,29512/301/24Apply for Schools MIS Officer
Casual BaristaCommunities£17,711* (Fixed Point) *Pro-rata12/176/30Apply for Casual Barista

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